Col di Lamo is an innovative project conceived by a business world  present locally for 15 years and based on the “woman paradigm” and on a new way of  “looking at wine”.

The new wine cellar Col di Lamo is finally the result ofthe big challenge of Gianna Neri and her daughter Diletta, who thought to threw down the gauntlet to the international world of wine lovers.

The wine cellar is an architectural concept surrounded by hills and it is in complete harmony with Tuscany landscapes. Rooms are disposed in order to follow the whole cycle of making wine, from the grapes conferment to vinification, wine aging, refinement and finally the bottling.

Inside the cellar, the whole process is made following the line traced by the perimeter of the inner court, surrounded by large glass walls that clearly show the stages of wine making.

In the meantime, Col di Lamo is thought to be also a place to welcome guests and tourists, who can enjoy a tasteful wine tasting in Two dedicated rooms or in a big panoramic terrace that provides an excellent view of Brunello vineyards.